Freya Marine Services is an expert for any sort of challenging afloat & drydocking repairs you may need to perform.

Years of experience on Ship Repair Industry gives us flexibility and well understanding in order to solve all possible repair issues in Turkish ports or provide riding squads globally.

With team members have vast experience and well known with their success in the market ,  we are able to offer various ship repair services including but not limited to.

Cargo container ship at dry dock concept maintenance service working in the sea. Insurance
Welder welding beneath boat in shipyard workshop

Our common aim is to be a One Stop contact point for Emergency issues and assisting Ship Owners all kind of trouble they may face.


Our experienced marine engineers , solution partners and well-equipped workshops with whom we cooperate with long-term basis are offering 24/7 assistance during port stay or anchorage , incase of any emergency case . We provide all ship repair services which is necessary to do onboard when the vessel is in anchorage, harbour, shipyard, dry dock and during departure regardless of where is the next port .


With our qualified workmanship and certified riding squads (with Seaman’s book) , we are able to handle any kind of planned repairs , voyage repairs and retrofits.

We ensure that your vessel will be back on course as soon as possible – cost effectively , quickly and in compliance with all relevant classes and legal requirements.

We are ready to provide essential, dedicated, tailor made and limitless services to our valuable clients .